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The Book of the Prophet Isaiah

Life of Isaiah

  • son of Amoz
  • prophet in Jerusalem 740-701 BC
  • served under Hezekiah (king of Judah)
  • Syria
  • kingdom of Israel (the northern kingdom, Samaria)
  • Hoshea, vassal king of Israel (to Assyria)
  • Sargon II (Assyria)
  • Samaritans (Levites mixed with Assyrians)
  • Egypt (mostly people looking to them for political alliances)
  • Sannacherib (Assyria), successor to Sargon
  • Manasseh, son of Hezekiah (Judah), wicked king who had Isaiah killed

Themes in Isaiah's Writing

  • Judah overrun by Assyria, but nation still preserved (not completely destroyed)
  • Ephraim (Israel) destroyed as a nation
  • the fall of Syria
  • destruction of Assyria
  • eventual fall of Jerusalem
  • Babylonian captivity of Judah

Isaiah's Figurative Geography

  • Babylon - wickedness and corruption
  • Egypt - wickedness
  • Assyria - wickedness, terror
  • Cannanites, Philistines, Ammorites - practice of idolatry
  • Lebanon, Bashan - pride and haughtiness – they were areas with northern mountains and lofty cedars
  • Ephraim, Samaria - the Northern Kingdom

Isaiah and the Book of Mormon

Isaiah 48 is the first chapter in the Book of Mormon copied, and almost every verse from the Nephite account is different.

Isaiah 13-23

These are chapters giving warnings to certain nations. We have a prophet that's been given the authority to prophecy to neighboring countries. The burden is to warn and to testify. There are nine nations that he warns: Babylon, Moab, Damascus, Egypt, Tyre, Ariel (?)

Chapters and Themes

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