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Isaiah 5

Another parable of the vineyard is in D&C 101:43-62. Verse 43 unlocks the purpose of the parable. The tower is the temple. The parable is referring to the Saints driven out of Missouri.

Isaiah 5:2

I like how, after claiming his territory (his goals), the first thing he did was remove the stones, taking out the things that would prevent growth of the fruit.

Isaiah 5:4

By all natural laws, the vineyard should have thrived.

Isaiah 5:8

The wicked are consolidating their power and resources, so that only a few may rule, "that they may be placed alone."

Isaiah 5:10

Their land will bring forth fruit in its season, also, socially, there are few spiritual.

Isaiah 5:12

We are flooded with entertainment in our day.

Isaiah 5:12,13

Even though they are eating and drinking a lot, they are hungry and thirsty, because they have no knowledge.

Isaiah 5:18,19

More social issues, they popularize sin. They mock God and seek for signs.

There's a pattern in the scriptures: the Lord will follow the bad stuff with promises of good.

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