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Isaiah 40

Isaiah 40:1-2

He is speaking to the kingdoms of Judah and Israel. Their warfare was hard service.

Isaiah 40:10

The Lord had already secured His exaltation. He has been rewarded. Also, I think His reward could be those that come with Him in the first resurrection. They act as his arm, and rule for them.

Isaiah 40:16

With the Lord's glory, and majesty, the earth is so small along all His works. Even burning all the cedars in Lebanon would not begin to be a worthy sacrifice unto Him.

Isaiah 40:26

Temple imagery:

  • lift up your eyes on high
  • behold who hath created these things
  • he calleth them by names
  • not one faileth

Isaiah 40:28

The Lord never gives up on us. :)

Isaiah 40:30

Even the young ones, with so much energy and enthusiasm do not have the strength to stand against all.

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