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Isaiah 14

Isaiah 14 talks about the fall of Satan. Also referenced in Revelation 12:7-10, D&C 76:25-27, and 2 Nephi 2:17-18.

Isaiah 14:1-3

  • The people of the land accept the gospel and are adopted into the house of Israel.

Isaiah 14:4-21

  • The multitude rejoices in the Lord, they describe the infamy and pride of Babylon, comparing its reach to that of Lucifer and the tower of Babel's construction. They recount the nation's evil deeds. The kings are dishonored, cast out, and refused an inheritance.

Isaiah 14:4-32

  • These verses are a parable where he compares the king of Babylon to Satan.

Isaiah 14:7

  • The wilderness, as in the apostasy of the earth. He is not there to liberate, but to capitvate.

Isaiah 14:20

  • It was a practice of custom to not give a proper burial to leaders they didn't like.

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