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Isaiah's Writing Style: Groups of Words

The prophet will use a theme in a group of verses, and use words from that theme. Then, in a few verses later, he will use a completely different one. Once you notice the similarities between them, you can see the groups.

I think he uses these to show, in contrast, how the people or the situation is.

  • 1:2 - heavens, earth
  • 1:3 - the ox, the ass; his owner, his master's crib
  • 1:4 - sinful nation, people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters

There are also arching summaries as well, across the groups of verses:

Isaiah 1:2-4

  • they have rebelled against me
  • Israel doth not know
  • my people doth not consider
  • they have forsaken the Lord
  • they have provoked the Holy one of Israel unto anger
  • they are gone away backward

Isaiah 1:5-6

  • the whole head, the whole heart, the sole of the foot, the head
  • wounds, bruises, putrifying sores
  • closed, bound up, mollified with ointment

Isaiah 1:18

  • scarlet, white as snow, red like crimson

Isaiah 1:19-20

  • willing, obedient
  • refuse, rebel

Isaiah 1:21

  • faithful, judgement, righteousness
  • harlot, murderers

Isaiah 1:22

  • silver, wine
  • dross, mixed with water

Isaiah 1:24

  • adversaries, enemies

Isaiah 1:25

  • dross, tin

Isaiah 1:26

  • judges, counselors

Isaiah 1:27

  • Zion, converts
  • judgement, righteousness

Isaiah 1:29-30

  • oaks (trees), gardens
  • shall be ashamed, shall be confounded
  • which ye have desired, that ye have chosen

Isaiah 1:31

  • the strong, the maker
  • tow, a spark
  • they shall both burn together
  • none shall quench them

Isaiah 1:3

  • the ox knoweth
    • his owner
  • the ass
    • his master's crib
  • Israel
    • doth not know
  • my people
    • doth not consider

Isaiah 1:4

  • Ah sinful nation
  • a people laden with iniquity
  • a seed of evil doers
  • children that are corrupters
    • they have forsaken the Lord
    • the have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger
    • they are gone away backward

Isaiah 1:10

  • Hear the word of the Lord
    • ye rulers of Sodom
  • give ear unto the law of God
    • ye people of Gomorrah

Isaiah 1:16-17

  • cease to do evil / learn to do well
  • seek judgement / relieve the oppressed
  • judge the fatherless / plead for the widow

Isaiah 1:19-20

Conditional promises:

  • If ye be willing and obedient
    • ye shall eat the good of the land
  • But if ye refuse and rebel
    • ye shall be devoured with the sword
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