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Isaiah 29

A people (the Nephites) will speak as a voice from the dust—The Apostasy, restoration of the gospel, and coming forth of a sealed book (the Book of Mormon) are foretold—Compare 2 Nephi 27.

Isaiah 29:2

  • There will be other cities that will be destroyed like Ariel.

Isaiah 29:8

  • The man is sleeping, and while he is sleeping he dreams that he drinks (or eats) and wakes up, and realizes it was a dream, and actually didn't get anything at all.

Part of the kingdom of the devil being shaken up includes revealing the acts of wickedness to the world.

Isaiah 29:15

I think it shows the absolute confidence of the people, that they boldly proclaim that their works are unknown. Also, it shows that they are aware of their wicked deeds – they do not sin ignorantly. In the last days, the works of their own hands will testify against them (Isaiah 19:16). They will witness not only the creator that made them, but that they were aware of what they were doing.

To take the Lord's name in vain means to use it without authority. Irreverence is another way.

The Book of Mormon exposes the enemies of Christ (Pres Benson), Ensign, January 1988.

"Every man eventually is backed up to the wall of faith, and there he must take his stand." A Witness and a Warning (Pres Benson)

Isaiah 29:20-22

What a great promise in verse 20.

Isaiah 29:21 - these are those that shall be cut off, and in the days of the Book of Mormon, these are the designs of the wicked:

  • they make a man an offender for the word. That happens a lot - in the age of political correctness and acceptance over tolerance, nothing is wrong, and if someone is offended, it is a grave error.
  • lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate - if they are in the gate, that must mean that they are in a position where many people pass through, or have general access to. The wicked will look to trap them somehow.
  • turn aside the just for a thing of naught.

Isaiah 29:22 - the Lord claims the credit, He is the one who "redeemed Abraham." Jacob won't be worried ("neither shall his face now wax pale").

See also

  • Ether 4:1-3, Mosiah 28:17-19, 3 Nephi 26:1-11, 2 Nephi 27:12, 1 Peter 3:18-20 (few means eight to Peter), 2 Nephi 27:13 (a few: the Eight Witnesses).
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