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Isaiah 10

Isaiah 10:4-6

The Lord uses the wicked to punish the wicked (see also Mormon 4:5).

Isaiah 10:11

Isaiah is mentioning all the names of the ancient places where the Israelites were taken.

In what ways is our dispensation different? Keys given to this one, all of them. Baptism for the dead, gathering of the saints, preparing for the Second Coming.

Isaiah 10:24

Judah's situation as a nation is similar to ours individually today. We are likewise, on all sides, surrounded by evil that seeks to destroy us, either by indoctrination (idols), captivity, subjection (a vassal to Satan), or by conquering. If we wait upon the Lord, great promises are extended to us, that will be fulfilled in a future time (salvation and exaltation). In the meantime we will be protected of by the Lord, at times preserved by his miraculous power.

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