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Isaiah 30

Isaiah 30:1-3

The people are accepting of counsel and influence, but they are relying upon the strength of the world. They put their trust in a nation that, historically has been a tyrannical enemy! the similarities to trusting in God are interesting: in both cases they put their trust in something greater than themselves, that they are in the shadow of. It shows the capacity to believe in something greater is present in the people. They "have not asked at my mouth," they haven't looked to the scriptures. In the end (v3) they will bear the names of their fathers.

Isaiah 30:16-17

The Lord is comparing the attitudes of Judah to the reality:

  • No, for we will flee upon horses
    • therefore shall ye flee
  • We will ride upon the swift
    • therefore shall they that pursue be swift
  • One thousand shall flee at the rebuke of one
    • At the rebuke of five shall ye flee

Isaiah 30:18-21

I really love these promises that the Lord gives, and I like looking at them and anticipating them.

  • thou shalt weep no more
  • he will be very gracious unto thee at the voice of thy cry
  • when he shall hear it, he will answer the

I kind of read all those as comforts to difficult feelings. In that regard, the Lord will heal all those wounds as well.

I love verse 21 as well, how the Lord will guide your path. This is true as you seek to have His spirit in your life.

Isaiah 30:29

I like the imagery presented here. There will be a song like it was a special, solemn night of gathering. I don't understand the going with a pipe into the mountain of the Lord. I assume that's a musical instrument.

Something else I got from this is that there are many ways to worship the Lord, that can be fit for different people. To some, it is a solemn procession with a quiet hymn; to others, it is a joyous voice with merriment and music. :) There are many ways to worship and revere the Lord. :)

Isaiah 30:30

  • These are the plagues in the last days.

Isaiah 30:33

  • Tophet is south of Jerusalem. It is ordained, or prepared, anciently
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