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Two Kingdoms

The kingdom of Israel was split into two kingdoms under the reign of king Rehoboam, who was the son of Solomon. The story can be found in 1 Kings 12.

Jeroboam became the first king of the kingdom of Israel.

Prophecy of Ahijah

The prophet Ahijah meets Jeroboam directly and prophesies that the kingdom will be split. Solomon is still king at this time, and his son Rehoboam is the heir prince.

The entire prophesy is in 1 Kings 11:31-39.

The kingdom is taken "out of the hand of Solomon" (1 Kings 11:31) and ten tribes will be given to Jeroboam, while Solomon (in this case, his son, Rehoboam) will rule over the tribes of Judah and Benjamin (1 Kings 11:32). Solomon will continue to reign over united Israel for the rest of his days (1 Kings 11:34).

The reasons for the split:

  • The Israelites had been worshipping:
  • They have not walked in his way
  • Did not do that which was right in the Lord's eyes
  • did not keep the statues and judgements (1 Kings 11:33)

Ahijah also prophecies that if Jeroboam serves God, that he will have a "sure house" (1 Kings 11:38).

When Solomon hears of this prophecy, he wants Jeroboam slain, so the future king flees to Egypt until Solomon dies (1 Kings 11:40).

Later on, Ahijah curses Jeroboam for turning to idol worship, and causing the inhabitants to do so as well (see Jeroboam for more details, or 1 Kings 14:7-16 for the full prophecy).

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