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Parable of the ten virgins

As found in Matthew 25:1-13

I wonder what it means by them being foolish. I suppose it could be said they were the opposite of the others, so they were unwise. If that's true, then that indicates that they would have knowledge of the wait that was ahead, but chose, foolishly, not to prepare for it. I think there's a couple of ways to look at this. The obvious one is spiritual reserves and preparation, but also in resources. The five foolish had the skills to gather their own resources, but didn't gather enough.

Why does the Lord say that they were virgins in the first verse? Were they to be married to him? or does it symbolize people who are pure and virtuous?

I like how in verse 5 (Matthew 25:5) they all slumbered and slept, indicating that the period of waiting is equal for the righteous and the wicked. They have to mingle together in this life, but will be separated when the Lord comes.

I think verse 9 (Matthew 25:9) shows some responsibility in managing of resources. They need to provide for their own needs first before being able to help others. Also, at this point, where the coming is nigh, the wait has been so long that they have to use their reserves.

Verse 10 (Matthew 25:10) indicates that only the righteous will be able to witness the marriage.

What I find interesting is that the Lord still speaks to the foolish, and lets them know His relationship to them. They must have been pretty bad off if He knew them not at all (Matthew 25:11-12).

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