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General Notes

  • Sacrifice will be part of the Restoration. All things had under any form of the Priesthood will be had again.
  • President Kimball talks about keys we don't have, such as the key of resurrection
  • Lesson from Joseph: Flee the places of temptation, even if it requires leaving something important
  • Having a body makes the spirit grow much more, much faster
  • The Holy Ghost speaks truth
  • The priesthood and a holy life make it possible for us to deliver messages and run errands for the Lord
  • As adults, there is a natural instinct to care for others (children)
  • Think of Israel's tribes as a symbolism of the family, and the blessings that come with it
  • Changes to ordinances can be a stumbling block (see 3 Nephi, confusion re no more animal sacrifice)
  • Using the priesthood is like being an envelope - you deliver the message, and you may not know what it is
  • I think that judgments against nations could be judgments against their lifestyle, or the crimes they have committed (keep it in perspective of a nation representing a person and their way of life or actions)
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