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Scripture Study Notes

  • "Write down in a secure place the things you will learn from the Spirit." –Elder Scott
  • "We must give the Lord equal time." –Elder Ballard
  • Ask "Why does he say that first?" when there is a sequence of events.
  • One thing that is hard for me to remember is that these events and scenarios that the Lord is describing in the scriptures are ones that also exist today. You have to work hard, but the types and situations are the same here, and you have to match them up so it will make more sense. The Lord never speaks about things objectively, as if they do not apply to us or are not relevant. He is giving instructions to the people who read these (i.e., the whole world). Look for the types that are similar today.
  • One key of unlocking the scriptures: consider the attributes, nature and life cycles of the examples used in the scriptures. Works well on examples where things in nature are used.
  • A key: perspective: Consider "how does this action bless His children?"
  • The scriptures become clear as you understand the nature of God
  • Look at a block and try to find a common theme
  • Everything is relevant and ties into places, themes and settings that happen in our day. Nothing in here is something that we are either not living through now, or cannot achieve. See Isaiah 4:5 - the dwelling places are our homes.
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