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The kingdom of Shule

Shule is an interesting character in the book of Ether, unique in his righteousness and actions. His story is in Ether 7.

What's interesting about this story is the transition from righteousness as a people, to flirtation with civil wars, a descent into idolatry, and then a return to the Lord.

First, Orihah comes upon the scene. He is anointed king when none of the other sons of Jared or the sons of the brother of Jared will take it. He rules in righteousness.

  • Orihah is a son of Jared, and the first to be anointed king (Ether 7:27)
  • He is a righteous king (Ether 7:30, Ether 8:1)
  • He has 23 sons and 8 daughters (Ether 7:2)
  • Kib is born and inherits the kingdom (Ether 7:3)

Orihah's son Kib is born and takes over the kingdom. We don't know much about Kib, if he was a righteous king or not. I assume that Kib is not necessarily a bad king, but he is not a strong righteous leader either. There are a few reasons for this:

  • His son Corihor is not righteous, who may not have been taught the gospel
  • He loses his position of king when Corihor attacks and takes over, but he doesn't lose his life
  • The scriptures make note of the righteous kings, and he is not included. His father Orihah and his son Shule are specifically mentioned though.

I might be reading too much into this, but I think his spiritual status could be recorded in Ether 7:6 - he dwelt near the land called Desolation by the Nephites. In the sense that he wasn't wicked, but he was flirting with destruction.

Moving on, Kib has two sons (Ether 7:3), Corihor and Shule. They are both born years apart. Corihor is 32 years old when he incites a revolution, goes to another land, and sets up his own kingdom (Ether 7:4). A large part of the kingdom of Kib deserts the king and joins Corihor (Ether 7:4).

Corihor then builds an army, and goes to war against the kingdom of his father. His strategy is successful, and he captures the king and takes over the kingdom.

While Corihor is ruling, Kib has another son born to him, Shule.

Shule is the younger brother of Corihor, and after some years, he builds his own army, creating steel swords and inciting a revolution against him. Since Shule would have had to be at least a teenager to do all this, Corihor would have been ruling in the land since then.

We also learn a bit of the character of Corihor here, as well. When he took over Kib's kingdom, he did not have his father slain. Kib's children though (Corihor's brothers and sisters) are obviously a free people.

Shule is an interesting character too. He is a mighty man, who is also "mighty in judgment." I would take that to mean that he is a righteous holder of the priesthood. Because of his perspective, he believes a great wrong has been committed, is angry with his older brother, and goes to war and takes the kingdom from him.

As before, Shule does not slay his family, and Corihor is spared. Part of the reason may be that his strong sense of judgment believes that Corihor can change, which he does. Once Shule gains the kingdom, he immediately returns leadership to their father, not taking the power and position for himself.

Kib returns the kingship back to Shule. Later, Corihor repents of his evil, and Shule even gives him a prestigious position in the kingdom (Ether 7:10).


  • "did walk humbly before the Lord"
  • "did remember how great things the Lord had done for his father"
  • "and also taught his people"
  • "how great things the Lord had done unto their fathers" (Ether 6:30)
  • "Oriah did execute judgment upon all the land"
  • "in righteousness all his days"
  • "whose days were exceedingly many" (Ether 7:1)


  • "he remembered the great things that the Lord had done
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