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Mosiah 2

About 124 BC in the land of Zarahemla.

The people gather themselves together to hear the words of King Benjamin (v1-6); The king has a tower erected because there are so many people, that they cannot be numbered (2,8); King Benjamin's address (7-41).

Mosiah 2:3,5,6

This would have been a great work, socially, to prepare themselves as a body and come forward. It would have taken a lot of time, and required some preparation on the part of the families and the theocratic government as well. Likewise, I think there's a lot I can do to prepare for events like General Conference and sacrament meeting. It is expected that there will be a lot of practical preparation in order to acquire some spiritual learning.

Mosiah 2:18

I love how king Benjamin refers to himself, not as a king, but how the people call him as such. Also, he openly reserves the title for God, "your heavenly King."

Mosiah 2:36

The spirit of the Lord guides in wisdom's path, so I can be blessed, prospered and preserved.

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