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Luke 3

Luke 3:2

  • Sometimes God preserves someone and keeps them hidden until the time is right.

Luke 3:3

  • One of the roles of prophets is to do missionary work, and to testify of Christ

Luke 3:4

See also Isaiah 40:3-4

  • The prophets concur with the scriptures.

Luke 3:8

  • You can't coast on the success of your ancestors; each person needs to bring forth their own fruit.

Luke 3:11

  • The gospel of welfare; also, provide for others once your own needs are secured. Self-reliance and sacrifice.

Luke 3:13

  • Be honest in your dealings with others. Obey and sustain the law.

Luke 3:14

  • Resist the temptation to abuse your position.

Luke 3:15

  • It is difficult to read the signs of Christ's coming.

Luke 3:16-17

  • A prophet foretells the coming of Christ

Luke 3:18

  • A prophet can counsel and preach on many subjects.

Luke 3:19-20

  • A prophet will rebuke the local leadership for their sins.

Luke 3:22

  • The Holy Trinity, three separate Beings


I keep thinking there is something to the people that come to John for advice. One thing I can think of is that if publicans and soldiers are coming to him honestly seeking advice, then he was someone who people respected, out of many stations in life. All kinds of people are eager to hear God's word. In fact, it says that the publicans came to be baptized. It is easy for me to write off certain types of people (like rich lawyers or bullying officers) as not interested by their very nature, but we see here that is not the case.

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