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Law of Moses

Leviticus 22 - Priests and their families who can eat of the holy things; sacrificial animals are to be perfect and without blemish

Cannot eat of the holy things:

  • Lepers (Leviticus 22:4)
  • "hath a running issue"
  • touched something that is unclean by the dead
  • touches any creeping thing (Leviticus 22:5)
    • must first wash his flesh with water
    • must be after sunset (Leviticus 22:6)
  • Cannot eat something that "dieth of itself" (natural death?) or torn by beasts (Leviticus 22:8)
  • Strangers, sojourners, hired servants cannot eat (Leviticus 22:10)
  • A servant that is bought can (Leviticus 22:11)
  • Those who are born in his house can
  • The priest's daughter that is married to a stranger cannot (Leviticus 22:12)
  • The priest's daughter who is a widow, divorced, without child, and lives in her father's house (like she did when she was younger), she can eat of it (Leviticus 22:13)
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