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Joseph Smith Translation

  • The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible: A Panel - Very valuable reading on the subject covering different areas and commentaries. These guys tend to talk about the *themes* that were inserted or added by the JST a lot.
    • Joseph Smith personally liked Isaiah and Psalms a lot, and there are a lot of changes in those books.
    • While Deutoronomy is the book most copied in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Genesis has the most changes in all the books of the Law.
    • It seems like Joseph Smith was very careful (perhaps even hesitant) to make changes to the Sermon on the Mount
Scriptures were modified in earlier generations
  • 1 Nephi 13:26 - many important parts were removed from the Bible
  • 2 Nephi 29:10 - do not suppose that the Bible does not contain all of God's words or that he has not caused more to be written
History of the JST

"the Doctrine and Covenants contains no extracts from the Joseph Smith Translation, but considerable regulatory information about it: directions about starting and temporarily stopping the work (see D&C 37:1; 73:3–4), beginning the New Testament (see D&C 45: 60–62), and calling a scribe (see D&C 35:20); an admonition to “hasten” the process (D&C 93:53); and some recommendations about the printing (see D&C 94:10; 124:89). There are also certain revelations that grew out of the work on the translation but were not actually part of the Joseph Smith text (see D&C 76:15–18; 86:1–7; 77; 91)." (BYU source)

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