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Jaredite nation

  • Orihah, son of Jared, righteous king
  • Kib, son of Orihah
  • Corihor, son of Kib
    • rebelled against his father at age 32 (Ether 7:4)
    • left the kingdom for the land of Nehor
    • had many sons and daughters who were exceedingly fair
    • drew many people after him
    • gathered together an army (Ether 7:5)
    • came to the land of Moron (near the land Desolation), took the throne, and put Kib, his father, into captivity
    • Kib's supporters also lived in captivity (Ether 7:7)
    • Reigned in the city of Nehor, where he was earlier (Ether 7:9)
  • Shule, son of Kib, brother of Corihor (Ether 7:7)
    • angry with his older brother, Corihor (Ether 7:8)
    • waxed strong
    • became a mighty man
    • mighty in judgement
    • gathers an army
    • defeats Corihor in battle and returns the kingdom to Kib, his father (Ether 7:9)
    • Kib defers running the kingdom back to Shule (Ether 7:10)
    • rules in righteousness (Ether 7:11)
    • he colonized the land
    • had many children (Ether 7:12)
    • Corihor repents, is given a position of leadership over the people (note that there's no mention here that Corihor was ever in captivity) (Ether 7:13)
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