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BYU devotional: Elder Rex D. Pinegar

From June, 12, 2001

  • Gospel truths serve as the foundation of learning and teaching
  • Brigham Young never lost sight of his greatest priority: prophet, seer, and revelator
  • Grow in grace and knowledge from day to day, year to year
  • Every minute we should strive to improve our lives
  • Spiritual and temporal aspects of the gospel are one in the sight of God
  • The practical teachings are the priority
  • The simple things: prayer
  • Seek the Lord until you open a pathway between God and your soul
  • Ask God to put you where He wants you, and what He wants you to do
  • He has provided us a way to know
  • "There is no other resource to compare with prayer." - President Hinckley
  • He has made it an easy as possible to communicate with Him
  • Answers to prayer are not always so easy to recognize
  • When He brings our heart and mind in harmony, then we have received the spirit of revelation.
  • Don't let any earthly circumstance hurry you through prayer
  • Trust in Him; leave the matter in the Lord's hands
  • Do not try to predict how the Lord will answer prayers
  • Enquire what we can do for ourselves
  • Sometimes fasting is needed to answer a prayer
  • Naaman was made clean after he was humbled
  • Any calling, faithfully filled, can have inestimable results
  • The small things of the Gospel, alone, do little, but together, they will become strong. It's like concrete - each of the elements that make it, by themselves cannot support a foundation
  • The Gospel is very simple, and very profound
  • The religion of Jesus Christ is a matter-of-fact religion
  • Christ is practical
  • The Gospel requires our very best efforts
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