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Alma 10

Alma 10:6

  • The people reason are in so much trouble is because they were rebelling against God. They did not sin ignorantly like the Lamanites, who would replace them (by destroying their city).

Alma 10:7

  • Amulek was hardened, but not beyond saving – the angel gave him something very simple to do. He obeyed, and had faith in his promise (Alma 8:20), and was blessed (Alma 10:11). Amulek was probably converted by having the prophet live with him and teach him, and he finally became a witness to Alma's work.

Alma 10:22

  • The first lines of oppression? famine, pestilence and the sword. Natural disasters and political upheaval. The first to there is nothing people can do save rely upon the Lord. War would just displace and destroy them for good.

Alma 10:7; Alma 9:21, 25

  • It seems like angels visiting them was a common occurence.

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