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   * [[Mosiah]]   * [[Mosiah]]
 +** Mosiah 20:22-26 **
 +I like how Limhi settled a very tense situation. ​ The Lamanites might have thought their king was dead.  Limhi had many advantages -- he could have killed him easily. ​ But instead, he bound up his wounds, swore that those who had committed crimes would be punished by death (before knowing who did it, and to the king while he was probably bound as a prisoner before him), then he swore an oath that the Nephites would be in bondage.
 +He probably wanted to simply end the war, and this was the quickest way, even though they were winning. ​ Most importantly,​ he recognized that what was happening was prophetic fulfillment,​ and he humbly accepted the consequences.
 ---- ----
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