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Isaiah 13

The burden of Babylon

Isaiah 13:2-5

  • The Lord is amassing his armies against Babylon

Isaiah 13:6-22

  • The Lord attacks Babylon, destroying them completely.

Commentary: The Lord's Army

Isaiah 13:2-5 describes the imagery and majesty of the Lord gathering his army. These verses describe the types of people that he uses in the battle, and how he assembles an army.

First of all (v2), he sets a standard in a high mountain – there is a place that is difficult to achieve, but there is a banner there so that you may know without doubt that it is where the Lord's camp is gathered. It could be a reference to the temples.

"They come from a far country, from the end of heaven" (v5), and the Lord leads them. These are the most choice of his followers that will participate.

"The day of the Lord" (v6) is pretty extreme:

  • Everyone will lose faith and courage (v7)
  • Total shock and dismay (v8)
  • The heavens will shake and be moved in the battle (v10,13)
  • The union will cease, and they (the Lord's enemies) will flee all of them to their own ways (v14)
  • Those who aligned with them (lived as they did), shall also fall (v15)
  • The destruction of their civilization (and way of life) will be complete genocide, there will be no heir, no man, woman or child left standing (no subsets or branches of the lifestyles) (v16,18)
  • The invading army will not be swayed by their riches (v17)
  • It will be so desolated and worthless (for a time), that only the desert animals will possess it (v21-22)
  • There will be no growth or prosperity. Even a resourceful Arabian will not take it up, nor raise flocks there (v20).

The destruction will be complete. It will leave neither root nor branch. He will "destroy the whole land." (v5)

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