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General Notes

  • Sacrifice will be part of the Restoration. All things had under any form of the Priesthood will be had again.
  • President Kimball talks about keys we don't have, such as the key of resurrection
  • Lesson from Joseph: Flee the places of temptation, even if it requires leaving something important
  • Having a body makes the spirit grow much more, much faster
  • The Holy Ghost speaks truth
  • The priesthood and a holy life make it possible for us to deliver messages and run errands for the Lord
  • As adults, there is a natural instinct to care for others (children)
  • Think of Israel's tribes as a symbolism of the family, and the blessings that come with it
  • Changes to ordinances can be a stumbling block (see 3 Nephi, confusion re no more animal sacrifice)
  • Using the priesthood is like being an envelope - you deliver the message, and you may not know what it is
  • I think that judgments against nations could be judgments against their lifestyle, or the crimes they have committed (keep it in perspective of a nation representing a person and their way of life or actions)
  • Living the gospel is not about willpower, it is about choice.
  • The Holy Ghost removes the effects of sin.
  • When you pray about how to help others, answers come quickly.
  • Heaven's plans are perfect.
  • If you keep the commandments, you will prosper in the land – we will prosper where we are now.
  • The prodigal son's father fulfilled his son's request and gave him his inheritance.
  • The work will go further, independently of all power. (Pres. Monson)
  • Heavenly Father is mindful of each of us, and our individual needs.
  • Embodied in children are hope. (Elder Packer)
  • "We are servants of the Lord, and we have a message for you."
  • Repentance and the pains it brings will always be worth it.
  • Single motherhood and fatherhood are temporary states.
  • People learn more from their children than their own parents. See Isaiah 11:6.
  • The gospel is a powerful influence in the lives of people.
  • That something is good is not reason enough to devote time and resources. (Pres. Uchtdorf)
  • Our lives need regular pruning to bring forth good fruit.
  • Diligently study the scriptures.
  • Sermons without action are like fire without heat.
  • Lehi taught his family so well that descendants of dissidents had their hearts turned.
  • Compulsion builds resentment and causes distrust.
  • "Wise parents prepare their children to get along without them."
  • Never say 'no' without a 'go'. Provide alternate paths.
  • Forgiveness is not trust. Forgiveness can take time. When you've forgiven someone who has abused you, it is okay to avoid the relationship.
  • Forgiving is one thing; when the time comes to repair other things, the Holy Ghost will let you know.
  • I think all those scriptures in the Book of Mormon that talk about how "they remembered their fathers" could be a reference to geneaology.
  • How many are not here (at church) because they are discouraged or feel like they don't belong? Find someone and tell them they can be happy. Carry a message of love, acceptance, and belonging. Find someone who is lonely, scared, hurt, who doesn't feel like they belong, and help them.
  • He is the Savior of each of us, personally
  • Missionary work can be helping people feel welcome
  • Heavenly Father sends you where you can do the most good and grow the most.
  • In just being a friend, we are living the gospel
  • Each person is at a different stage of living the gospel
  • You cannot serve two masters - it's strictly not possible, your heart cannot follow two opposite paths. It is more than "can"; as a decision the ability is not present.
  • I can't coast off the accomplishments of the past.
  • Consider your membership in the family as a calling.
  • The Book of Mormon (and the scriptures) document miracles that we can all reference
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